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Installation Guide

Most of the skins in this community are installable by following the instructions given below for your browser. If you have a browser that you know or think is capable of installing these skins, please comment to this post with the instructions to put into the post.

Mozilla Firefox

All the skins in this community require the use of a special script called LJ Skins: Class Adder. In order to use the skins here, you will need to install the Greasemonkey extension. After doing so and restarting your browser, or if you already have the extension installed, click on the script link above to go to the page for the script, and then click on "Install this script" in the top-right of the page. This will bring up a dialog asking you if you want to install the script; click "Install". (In some cases, with older versions of Greasemonkey, you'll see a page of code with a yellow bar along the top and an Install button; clicking Install there will do the same thing. However, I recommend that you update to a newer version of Greasemonkey.)

If is down, you can use this link to install the script instead. Do use the link if you can, though. In addition, the latest version will always be available from there.

Most skins will be hosted on, which allows you to obtain styles as Greasemonkey scripts. However, I recommend that you install the Stylish extension, as not only will this allow you to use skins that are not hosted on, but it will also allow you to obtain updates to your skins if they *are* hosted there.

After downloading Stylish and restarting, you should notice a new "Load into Stylish" button on the description page. Click on this, and then in the window that appears, click Save. This will activate the skin, and you should now see LiveJournal in the new skin you just installed.

For more information on how to use Stylish, see the Stylish Quick Guide.


(these instructions courtesy of uniquewonders, tweaked slightly)

  1. On your hard drive, create a folder where you'll put all your scripts.
  2. In Opera, go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript Options. At the bottom, in 'User JavaScript Files' indicate the path of the folder you've created in #1.
  3. Install the first compatibility script given here (Emulate GM functions). To do that, click on the name, it'll open the script. Save the file by going to File > Save As and putting it in the folder you created in #1.
  4. Go to to install LJ Skins: Class Adder. Click on 'Install this script'. It opens the script. Save it in your folder.
  5. To install a skin, repeat this process. Click on the URL given in the post. Scroll down to click on 'Load as user script'. It'll open the script. Save it in your folder.


(these instructions courtesy of snakeling)

  1. Enable GreaseMonkey by going to Tools/Extensions.
  2. Install the GM LJ Skins script: Go to the page of the script and right click on the button "Install this script". Choose "Install a user script".
  3. Go to the page of the style you want to install. Click on "Load as user script" and copy the address of the page that opens; it should end in .user.js.
  4. Create a simple link pointing to this page, for example by using the preview function of the LJ updating interface:
    <a href="">
  5. Right-click on this link, and choose "Install a user script".
  6. Reload the LiveJournal page.

There might be errors due to escaped characters in the CSS-generated content. In that case:

  1. Locate the Epiphany GM folder. On Ubuntu, this is under ~/.gnome2/epiphany/extensions/data/greasemonkey.
  2. Open the userscript in your favourite text editor.
  3. Look for escaped characters:
    content: \"\00bb\00a0\"
  4. Replace them by the unescaped characters:
    content: \"» \"
    Make sure not to delete the backslash before the last quotation mark!
  5. Save.

If you know of any other browser which can handle these scripts, please comment to this post with instructions and I'll add them to the post.

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